• Intelligent shading technology as ONE

    Leading international companies unified in delivering technologically advanced shading solutions.

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  • Simplified Building Integration

    Integrate shading seamlessly using KNX, LON, RS485, Modbus, BACNET and more.

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  • Energy Efficient Buildings

    Smart solar shading - the effective solution for preventing building overheating, reducing the demand for air conditioning, and lowering CO2 emissions.

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  • Digital Drives Save Wiring - Act green

    Reduce cabling and installation costs.

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Your go-to network for contract shading & automation solutions

Design, shading, automation, installation, commissioning and ongoing service

Experts in sunlight management

High quality commercial shading

Unified software and hardware

Integration with third party systems

    A Global Shading Partnership

    vasatec delivers intelligent shading and technology with endless options

    The vasatec network consists of leading shading manufacturers,
    contract installation experts and integration teams.

    A unified network approach allows for efficient and cost-effective contract shading and technology,
    providing an all-inclusive service from start to finish.

    We link shading systems, motors, and controls with simplified pluggable cabling,
    ensuring seamless automation, delivery and operation.

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    How Does It Work?

    Your all-inclusive contract shading partner, each step of the way


    Project design

    vasatec work with you to design and develop cost effective shading automation solutions for all building types – existing or new development.


    Shading requirements

    Understanding the building and the needs of occupants, allows for the selection of the most suitable products for your project.


    Control and automation options

    From simple control solutions through to digital IoT automation, various options can be applied to a buildings shading configuration.


    Building integration options

    Integration with third party BMS, AV or smart home systems allows for ease of integration, centralised control, and communication.


    Installation and Operation

    The vasatec network manages the complete process from manufacturing through to delivery and commissioning of the final installation.


    Service, Support and Maintenance

    Vasatec offers confidence in having a direct resource for communication, support, and ongoing maintenance.

    • Energy Efficiency

      Smart solar shading is an effective solution for preventing building overheating, reducing the demand for air conditioning, and lowering CO2 emissions.

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    Digital Drive Technology

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    IoT communication, real-time feedback for building managers

    Integration with 3rd party BMS communication standards

    Simplified cabling - one source for power and data


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    Best-in-class design, manufacturing, installation and operation of shading.

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