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vasatec is a group of independent shading fabricators, shading contractors, integrators and technology partners. Together as vasatec, we engage in the consulting, designing, planning, implementing and maintenance of contract shading solutions for Architects, General Contractors, Façade Specialists and Consultants.

Having sat in hundreds, if not thousands of project meetings discussing Automated Shading Solutions, it is clear to us what is important, and a single statement covers all:

“Will this solution work and how much is it going to cost the project?”

Vasatec answers this and more, with a focus not only on the shading package but the ASSOCIATED costs that the traditional approach of design and tendering would not ensure good value.  With a true understanding of the demands of the local market and project delivery on all aspects of the installation allows the vasatec network to consult on these wider aspects and offer huge potential savings whilst maintaining, or more likely, increasing the functional specification.

It is always best to prepare with design early in the planning process, to optimise all elements of the associated packages from cable routes, integration with third party systems and even as simple as where holes and penetrations need to be located.

That said, even with late intervention on the design, the advantages can still be considerable. It is never too late to introduce vasatec! The solution will work; what is important is how it works and what impact does it have on the overall building.

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Get to know us and our work.

Best-in-class design, manufacturing, installation and operation of shading.

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