Control your shading the way you desire

Automated shading offers a wide range of benefits, especially in commercial and hospitality buildings for both occupants, owners and operators.

Motorised Control

Motorised blinds can be controlled at different levels of sophistication, from wall switch, remote control or with automation and BMS, AV system integration,  i.e. KNX, LON and BACNET IoT connected blind control.

Various combinations of automation, connection and user control options are possible for new buildings and the retrofit of existing buildings, including hybrid solutions with existing configurations, and for building optimisation.

Digital SMI Motor Technology

Vastec smart automated blinds using SMI motors benefit from the latest IoT technology.

SMI (Standard Motor Interface) is a standardised digital interface for shading automation, serving as the preferred choice for investors, architects, and consultants striving to meet the highest building standards worldwide.

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Programmed Automation

Blinds are programmed to tilt/adjust at set times from an open to closed position, including programmed intermediate stops. The blind positioning is programmed based on a building’s geographical location, solar path coordinates, facade orientation, yearly temperature averages, and overshadowing from surrounding buildings.

Programmed information is combined with real-time data and response controls from strategically positioned lux, rain, radiation and wind sensors.

• Programmed – solar path and building coordinates
• Sensors – responsive commands

Building Integration

Vasatec shading solutions are compatible with the majority of building and AV technologies and use open standards of communication for seamless and trouble free integration, such as KNX, LON, RS485, Modbus, BACNET and more.

• Point to point communication
• Increased speed of commissioning
• Reduced components (cost / points of failure)
• Future proof
• Supply chain risk management
• Data security

User Friendly Controls

An easy-to-navigate interface display shows interactive floor plans for controlling individual shading devices and grouped blinds for zone control.

The user interface allows for custom settings and override control of shade positions for personal adjustment when required. Alert prompts (email, SMS) and sensor input data are accessible to building managers via local or remote web-based control panels.

Zone Control

Programmable zones (dynamically wired zone segments) let you manage multiple shading systems automatically, by controlling shading devices together at the same time. Grouped control of dedicated zones such as foyers, floor sections, entire floors and rooms use programmed automation algorithms to map the sun’s solar direction throughout the year to consistently provide shading for glare control and heat build-up.

Together with real-time data and reactive response settings from sensors, the balance between natural light and solar shading can be achieved for chosen areas/zones.

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More information on Vasatec’s automation solutions for download.

Energy Efficiency Through Automation

The automation of shading installations minimizes solar heat gain in summer while optimizing natural light and solar warmth in winter.

Automation maximizes natural daylight and airflow while maintaining views to the outside, creating consistent and comfortable interior conditions. Smart shading automation improves a building’s energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial cooling and heating devices – a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Vasatec assists architectural and design firms in meeting the strictest standards for green building certification with shading automation paired with eco-friendly fabrics/components.

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