Energy Efficient Buildings2

Energy efficiency is acknowledged as a suitable approach to reducing a buildings energy consumption levels and reducing operating costs. A large percentage of energy consumption for a building is air conditioning and artificial lighting, and shading systems perform a crucial role in minimising energy consumption and harnessing natural daylight.

Interior and exterior blinds protect interior spaces from direct solar gain through windows and large glazed surfaces, whilst allowing in natural light and in turn reducing a buildings cooling energy load.

Solar shading efficiency is also greatly increased with the addition of automated blinds, programmed to manage direct heat gain and natural daylight throughout the day, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment.

  • Timed automation – proactive shading with user override, maintaining an efficient interior climate.
  • In summer months – reduce heat gain with the right combination of shading and automation control.
  • In cooler months – insulate buildings with shading systems and automation control by reducing heat loss through glazing.
  • Improve occupant comfort and wellbeing with the benefits of glare control, natural light and outlook

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