External Venetian Blinds

Control sunlight, enhance privacy, improve energy efficiency, and elevate the aesthetics of your space.

Vasatec External Venetian Blinds are an excellent choice for commercial application for its functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. The blinds have the ability to control sunlight, enhance privacy, reduce energy consumption, provide UV protection, minimise noise, and elevate the visual appeal of a buildings façade. 

Commercial Projects

Our systems are suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, building foyers, museums, libraries, government buildings and airports.

Multiple Slat Options

External Venetian Blind slats are available in a variety of widths and shapes for different closure options and visual appearance.

Various Control Options

The motorised External Venetian Blinds can be operated by switch, VRS remote or by automation with various options for timed control and building integration.

Key Features & Benefits

• High-quality aluminium slats and components
• Diverse headbox and guide rail hardware options
• Large se­lec­tion of slat widths, shapes and col­ours
• In-house manufacturing and customisation
• Large range of motor options: standard control, smart automation and connection to Building Management Systems
• Plug-and-play connections
• Complete supply, installation and commissioning by Vasatec

  Switch, hand-held remote, automated control technology.
•  Position of the sun, incidence of light, time of day, month, temperature.
•  BMS integration, KNX, BACNET, SMI, Modbus, LON, etc.

  Simple pluggable motor connections, also as prefabrication.
•  Reduced wiring thanks to BUSbar options.
•  Quick and safe installation.

•  Automated solar shading can significantly improve a building’s energy efficiency.
•  The adjustable slats act as a barrier against heat gain during hot summer months, helping to reduce the need for air conditioning.
•  Solar shading helps to reduce the use of air-conditioning in summer and in winter with heating.
•  In colder seasons, the blinds provide insulation by preventing heat loss, leading to energy savings on heating costs.

•  Highly effective in improving the energy efficiency of your space. 
•  Glare protection and daylight control has a significant impact on workplace productivity.
•  External Venetian blinds provide a solution to glare by diffusing and softening incoming light.
•  The angled slats redirect sunlight away from your line of sight.
•  Protection from harmful UV rays reduces fading and discoloration of furniture, flooring, and artwork while maintaining a more comfortable and visually pleasing environment.

Slat Options

Our External Venetian Blind slats are available in various shapes and colours, allowing you to customize the look and functionality of your blinds. The corrosion-resistant light metal alloy is concave-convex formed and finished with a weather-resistant, splinter-free, crack- and scratch-resistant enamel.

Flat Slat

Curved Slat

S-Shaped Slat

Z-Shaped Slat

Project Reference

INEOS Cologne

Vasatec managed the supply, planning, delivery and commissioning of smart Exterior Venetian Blinds, control systems, and sensors for sunlight tracking automation and grouped control. 

Information Card

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