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In facade construction, the trend is towards multifunctional glass with integrated sun, glare and privacy protection systems. Why? An insulated glass and blind system combines the trades of glass and window construction and sun protection in one component. GLASWELT interviewed Mirco Röttger, Isolette-Division manager of the company Faltenbacher Jalousienbau, manufacturer of the ISOLETTE® blind insulated glass system, on the functions and technical aspects of this multifunctional glass with integrated sun protection system.

GLASWELT – Mr. Röttger, where exactly do you see the advantages of sun protection integrated within glass?

Röttger – The Isolette offers its advantage through its construction, which prevents external influences at all times, regardless of wind and weather, one reliable sun protection and glare protection device, even in windy weather conditions. In contrast, external venetian blinds retract automatically in high winds, from a wind force 6. In addition, a blind within a glass cavity is protected against vandalism. This not only offers additional security for private houses, but also for kindergartens, schools and playgrounds. In such places it is also relevant to injury and safety by our closed system.

GLASWELT – Is burglary protection given?

Rottger – Yes. The slats cannot be manipulated, i.e. slats can’t just be pushed up from the outside. This is not only for privacy, but also as additional burglary protection.

GLASWELT – What about the cleaning and the maintenance of the integrated sun protection systems?

Röttger – The Isolette does not have to be cleaned as no dust or dirt can enter the space between the glass chamber. They are maintenance free, and this lowers costs significantly during the timespan of usage.

GLASWELT – Are the insulated glass and blind systems not significantly more expensive than standard insulated glass?

Röttger – No, because in addition to the pure costs of the insulated glass, there is also the offset cost of an external sun protection device, as well as the reduced maintenance costs, as addressed before. That puts the complete costs into perspective.

In addition, you only need the trade services from Isolette (window installer). This in turn saves construction and assembly time, because otherwise two trades are required, i.e. window builder and sun protection installer at the same time. Delays can also occur when trying to organise the coordination and installation between two tradespeople.

GLASWELT – What are the sticking points with the Installation of insulated glass blinds?

Röttger – An important point is the connection by an electrician or builder. Multiple tradespeople are unclear after assembly of how the systems are controlled, be it via the central control of the building (GLT building management system), Facade control or decentralized control via button.

GLASWELT – How do you solve this problem?

Röttger – High-performance drive systems in a low-voltage range can be integrated into any type of building automation system, allowing for low emission and power consumption. Our motors can work both in SMI mode (e.g. BUS/GLT controls) as well as in switch mode (double push button, switch, etc.). The motor is then operated by a controller which avoids compatibility problems.

GLASWELT – GLASWELT: What additional functions does motor control offer?

Röttger – The motor can set the slats in a cut-off position after reaching the lower end position.

In addition, the direction of rotation can be changed, the driving speed and regulated pull-in force. In addition, the drive has a thermal switch that switches off when it gets too hot, including obstacle detection from the tensile force of the glass panes.

GLASWELT – GLASWELT: How safe is such a motor?

Röttger – The motor is shockproof and at the same time easy to handle. It has closed housing and is therefore also protected from condensation. And as for the connection of controller and motor, it is connected by “plug and play”.

GLASWELT – Which controller is used and is this also installed?

Röttger – The controller (including housing) for a conventional control in switching mode was developed together with the company Vestamatic. Together, the manufacturing is 100% made in Germany. As far as the installation of the controller is concerned, it can be simply left free within an installation cavity opening or on the DIN rail in the distribution box. Vestamatic has various options for SMI mode with SMI-compatible connections to KNX systems available, such as IF SMI RS485.

GLASWELT – What makes a good blind. Insulated glass or independent of glass?

Röttger – An essential aspect of modern insulated glazing with integrated blinds is the use of anti-fog slats. In cooperation with specialists from Switzerland, we are able to offer 100% fog-free slats. We also have test certificates from ift Rosenheim for the construction of the double and triple insulated glass, including sound insulation, g-value and running time (time-dependent behaviour). So Isolette products in terms of quality and performance are an ideal match to the requirements of modern buildings.

“The Isolette offers reliable sun and glare protection independent of wind and weather, at any time, even in a storm.”

GLASWELT – What is your conclusion about insulated glass blinds?

Röttger – The Isolette works in all window and door systems for indoor and outdoor use, and is therefore suitable for industrial and office buildings, as well as schools, hospitals and for private houses. Our products are based on high-quality components and can meet a variety of needs, and we guarantee glass formats of up to 6 m². In addition to the product itself includes our offer of planning and support during the production and installation process.

Original interview was conducted by Matthias


The special thing about insulated glass blinds is that they replace external sun protection devices. This also eliminate all maintenance costs, otherwise cleaning and maintenance is required for blinds and shutters each year. Technical details and all questions about planning, installation and the application of the system is answered in the new bilingual Isolette product manual. The manual is available in the download area of the Isolette website.

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