Insulated Glass Blinds

Multifunctional glass and blind system

The Insulating Glass Blind unit is installed in the hermetically sealed space between the panes (SZR) and is driven by a digital drive & controller for automated control for tilting, rotation, raising and lowering.

The multifunctional glass units provide shading, glare protection and daylight control in one component. It makes a significant contribution to balanced air conditioning and daylighting in office buildings and private buildings. Integrated into an electronic building management system, and ensures optimal and individually definable climatic conditions.

All Glazing types

The Insulated Glass Blinds can be used in almost all glass combinations, such as with laminated or single-pane safety glass, or ornament, alarm, soundproof, fire -resistant, solar and heat control glass. Our inclined version is also available for ceiling areas from 12°.

Customisable Units

The blinds can be built into most of the current window profile systems, as well as into all materials (aluminium, synthetic materials, wood etc.)

Dust Free - Always Clean

The venetian blind system is hermetically sealed, keeping dirt and dust completely removed from the glazed unit. This is particularly important in rooms that require high standards of hygiene.

Wind and Weather Protected

As the blind is built into the space between the glass panes, the sunblind is permanently protected from damage and is completely maintenance-free.

Energy Efficient Systems

Our multi-functional glass and blind systems help to save energy for heating and cooling buildings. In summer, interior rooms are effectively provided with shade and daylight simultaneously. This can considerably reduce the use of artificial lighting. In winter, the maximum desired amount of solar radiation can be let into a room without glare.

Commercial Facades

The Insulated Glass Blinds can also be designed as triple insulated glass with outstanding physical properties. The blind is located in the outer space between the panes. This system enables Ug values ​​of up to 0.6 W/m²K, which are ideal for modern buildings with large glass facades.

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