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Project Design

Shading solutions are designed by Vasatec network partners after meeting and discussing a project and shading requirements.

Contributing factors will be assessed in determining the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your project.

  • Building Information
  • Shading Types and Connection
  • Cabling and Electrical Installation Options Automation Options
  • Project Implementation and Timeline Technical Support

Shading Requirements

Within the Vasatec network are leading manufacturers of all types of shading products, hardware, motors and controls.

This enables direct access to state-of-the-art shading manufacturing and allows for project specific solutions at planning and design stages.

vasatec solutions are outlined in vasatec Solution Cards, introducing the different shading systems with integrated control options.

  • Product Sustainability Requirements
  • Internal or External Shading Types
  • Unique Installation Requirements
  • Automation triggered motor choice
  • Integration Requirements

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Automation and Control Options

The Vasatec network utilise advanced software, controllers and hardware in programming and commissioning automated shading projects.

Failure Proof Install

Connector-ready installations out-of-the-box to reduce risk.

iOT Digital Motors

The future of modern building shading automation.

iOT Real Time Data

Providing building managers real time data on motor performance and alerts.

BUSbar Wiring

Future proof operation.Buildings mapped for solar path trajectory timed based control.

Requirement-driven automation choice

Right control function for a users needs - from low-tech to high-tech.

Failure Proof Software

Provides peace of mind for future expansion or integration.


Building Integration

Simplified integration with 3rd party BMS communication standards. Communicate seamlessly to KNX, LON, RS485, Modbus, BACNET and more. Multiple connection and programming options are available, including stand-alone systems.

BMS (Building Management Systems)

Integration with standard building management systems of all methods of communication.

AV (Audio Visual)

Integration and control via audio visual communication.

Smart Home Systems

Integration and operation via smart home systems.


Installation and Operation

Delivery direct from member manufacturers from the Vasatec network to worksites and project managed and installed by expert partners all within the Vasatec network.

  • Managed Process of Delivery Through to Installation
  • Project Commissioning and Handover
  • Cabling and Electrical Installation
  • Automation Options
  • Project Implementation and Timeline Technical Support

Service, Support and Maintenance

The Vasatec network offers after service support and maintenance on project system installation.

Service or maintenance is either conducted on-site or at the factory of the manufacturer, depending on the requirements needed.

  • Direct to Network Support
  • On-Site Maintenance
  • Factory Servicing by Manufacturer
  • Qualified Service Technicians

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