Haugesund Hospital

  • Project:

    Haugesund Hospital

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  • Shading Solution:

    ZIP Screens

  • Automation System:

    Digital Drives

  • Architect

    Momentum Arkitekter

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Project Details

The new Haugesund Hospital required a shading solution for the comfort of patients, to help reduce the buildings energy consumption levels, and low maintenance options for building operations. External Zip Screens were selected for absorbing solar light, heat and glare and to insulate glazing in colder months as a sustainable energy efficient system.

External zip screens produced by Vental were pre-fitted to glass facade panels and installed during construction. Digital motors are controlled via a shade centre and sun control server with advanced shadow management programming. MCUKNX relays are installed for BMS integration and an all purpose weather sensor station positioned on the roof.

Integration to the buildings BMS is via BACnetIP, with the ability of manual operation to all zones, threshold adjustment, and sensor and zone data feedback.


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