INEOS – Cologne

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    INEOS - Cologne

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    External Venetian Blinds

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Project Details

The INEOS company office was built alongside its factory premises in Cologne. The unique circular shaped three-storey building is based on the letter “O” from the company name.


vasatec implemented the planning, delivery and commissioning of Exterior Venetian Blinds, fitted with 230V motors, a central control system, motor controls and sensors for sunlight tracking automation and grouped control for zones.


The automated external blinds provide the building with an architecturally stylized design to the curved facade, whilst providing solar, heat and glare control. The specialised systems needed to withstand a higher wind resistance due to the curved façade, and for the unpredictable wind movements at the buildings location on the Rhine border.


The high quality External Venetian Blinds reflect direct sunlight before reaching glazed areas, helping to reduce heat build-up for maintaining a regulated interior climate for a sustainable and energy efficient solution. With adjustable tilting slats, natural light and outlook can still be maintained, reducing the need for artificial lighting, for a more comfortable working environment.

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