KiTa – Emmerich

  • Project:

    KiTa - Emmerich

  • location:


  • Shading Solution:

    Insulated Glass Blinds

  • Automation System:

    Digital Drives

  • Architect

    Architekturbüro Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Peeters – Goch

Project Details

The recent refurbishment and new building works to the already established day care centre (KiTa) in Emmerich, Germany required a safe and durable shading solution, suitable for the safety of young children and for ease of use for controlling daylight throughout the day.

Insulated Isolette Glass Blinds were selected as a perfect fit, as the blinds are already enclosed within the windowpanes of the blind units for safety, security, and a maintenance free option. The automated blinds are controlled by Digital LL21 SMI Motors (24 VDC), operated by a central control shading module, with the addition of local double switch buttons for user adjustment.

The automation of the insulated glass blinds helps to maintain the right interior climate, reducing heat build-up in the building. By automatically adjusting to the correct angle, the blinds reduce sun and glare, enhancing the comfort of both children and staff.

Photography: Patrick John Azzopardi


Project Card: KiTa – Emmerich

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