SMI Drives

Standard Motor Interface (SMI) allows bidirectional communication from electric drives with interfaces to all common building automation systems.

vasatec SMI motor drives enables the connection of up to 16 drives via one electrical supply/control line with additional integration with BUS systems (e.g. KNX, Bacnet). SMI drives offer multiple functionality, including precise positioning and direct operational status feedback for building managers and operators.

vasatec digital SMI motors and control systems can provide improved control, quiet operation, integration with automation systems, and simplified wiring, all of which can lead to a more comfortable and energy-efficient building environment.

Using digital SMI motors for shading devices offers several benefits.

SMI is more than an interface

The SMI specification delivers the exchange of information between a controller and the drive of a roller shutter or sun protection installation. Integrated SMI interface enables bidirectional communication for building managers for real-time feedback. The SMI-standard is beneficial to manufacturers of drives and controllers for problem-free operation, even when the devices do not come from the same manufacturer. SMI-drives and controllers feature advanced properties, and offer attractive benefits to users.

Digital Communication of Sun Shading Systems

Digitisation is already commonplace in many areas of every day life and digital motor interface is now available with the STANDARD MOTOR INTERFACE for sun shading systems. Digital signal processing is more robust with a consistent method for the transmission of commands, specialised for application to roller shutters and sun protection systems.

Precise Control

More precise operation and more constant positioning of sun protection systems are the outstanding features of SMI-drives. The desired position is transmitted digitally and the drive moves the sun protection precisely to that position by means of an internal regulator.

Simplified wiring

SMI protocol allows for power and control signals to be transmitted over a single cable, eliminating the need for separate power and control wiring. SMI drives can be quickly and easily connected by a flat vasatec BUSbar cable.

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