Rollable fabric blinds with a unique spring system

Vasatec GJ-MW Tension Blinds are manufactured to the highest quality in The Netherlands by customer request and delivered directly on site for plug-and-play installation.

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The GJ-MW special series enables very special rollable fabric solutions for solar shading. The systems are equipped with a unique spring system, where the fabric is constantly kept under continuous tension. An ideal solution for large glass atriums, glass ceilings and uniquely tapered and shaped windows / glazing. Screens of the GJ-MW special series can be delivered in (almost) any shape and size.

The motorised blinds are perfect for commercial building applications as external shading protection or as an internal screen for interior solar shading. The GJ-MW special series are created to integrate seamlessly with its architectural surroundings (and kept concealed when not in use for a clean look, with a hidden and integrated cord system within guides.)

Commercial Tension Blinds

Our systems are suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, building foyers, museums, libraries, government buildings and airports.

High-Performance Fabrics

Our very experienced staff offers exceptional service and knowledge in acrylic and screen fabrics from the largest prominent European fabric manufacturers.

Various Control Options

The motorised GJ-MW systems can be operated by switch, VRS remote or by automation with various options for timed control and building integration.

Key Features & Benefits

• Made in The Netherlands
• Quality hard­ware components
• Diverse installation sizes – regular shaped and irregular shaped windows 
• Slim­line brack­ets for an elegant finish
• Large se­lec­tion of fabrics and col­ours
• In-house manufacturing and customisation
• Large range of motor options: standard control, smart automation and connection to Building Management Systems
• Plug-and-play connections
• Complete supply, installation and commissioning by vasatec

  Switch, hand-held remote, automated control technology.
•  Position of the sun, incidence of light, time of day, month, temperature.
•  BMS integration, KNX, BACNET, SMI, Modbus, LON, etc.

  Pluggable motor connections.
•  Reduced wiring thanks to BUSBar options.
•  Reduced installation time on site with prefabricated plug-and-play components.

•  Automated solar shading can significantly improve a building’s energy efficiency.
•  GJ-MW Blinds protect large areas of glass, such as ceilings, atriums and office towers by absorbing solar radiation and preventing heat build-up in buildings.
•  Solar shading helps to reduce the use of air-conditioning in summer and in winter with heating.
•  High-quality smart sun protection systems with technical textiles help to reduce energy requirements substantially.

•  vasatec roller blinds comply with DIN14501 and the workplace directive for VDU workplaces.
•  Glare protection and daylight control has a significant impact on workplace productivity.
•  Interior blinds can be used in hospitals in a targeted manner to help with regulating temperature, glare and the healing process.

•  vasatec offers an extensive collection of fabrics.
•  We are happy to advise on the selection of fabrics and together select the right fabric for your application.
•  We offer cradle-to-cradle textiles with sustainability certificates, and we are happy to explain the benefits.
•  Fabrics can be supplied with different light transmittance and to match interiors or surrounding buildings (e.g. reflection, shading).
•  Room acoustics can also be sensibly improved with textiles.
•  The GJ- MW screens have been developed to withstand all types of weather conditions for external application, including extreme temperatures, rain, snow and high winds – Wind Class 3; Wind resistant up to 6 Beaufort.

•  The GJ-MW blinds are available for all types of regular shaped and irregular shaped windows, such as Triangular, Trapezoidal,       
   Parallelogram, polygon, Rounded, Dome and Arc-shaped windows. 
•  GJ-MW systems can be installed to operate as top to bottom or bottom up blinds.

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vasatec Solution Cards give a brief overview of shading systems and solutions. The following Tension Blind information card includes specifications of the system, fabrics/materials, motors and automation options.

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Sun protection solutions from vasatec are specifically designed for the requirements of office buildings, hospitals, hotels and retail.
The integrated solutions consist of system, fabric, motor, cabling and control – and offer builders, general contractors, architects and planners a solution from a single source.