The right solution

vasatec works directly with architects, planners, consultants and general contractors in choosing the right commercial shading solution. Several factors are considered to ensure that the chosen solution is the most appropriate for the specific requirements of the building.

vasatec Approach

No one solution fits all, it’s about understanding what is the “right” solution for you. We design solutions using the toolbox of:

Digital Drives
Radio Motors
Wired Motors

As an experienced network, we build the best solution possible and scale it to suit the needs of a project. Together we are not selling products, we are consulting and delivering turnkey solutions.

In the early phases of a project, vasatec will consult with you in specifying shading solutions, be it exterior or interior, standard or engineered, connected or stand-alone, ensuring the best possible cost effective and efficient solution possible.

We’re highly experienced in sophisticated installations – round, curved, closed cavity – facades, all installed and commissioned by highly experienced and certified vasatec teams.

All shading solutions are secure and future-proof, using integrated design with 3rd party systems.

Building orientation & location

The location of the building, orientation of the windows, and the position of the sun are critical factors to consider when selecting shading devices. As an example, if the building is in a more exposed location to direct sunlight, external shading devices, may be more effective in blocking heat gain than internal shading devices.

Building function and occupancy

The function and occupancy of the building are also important factors to consider when selecting shading devices. As an example, in a building with occupants using computer equipment daily, glare control may be a priority, and therefore, the selection of shading devices that provide good glare control should be considered.

Building aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of shading devices should also be considered to ensure that they complement the architectural design of the building. A variety of shading devices are available in different materials, colors, and styles, for a wide range of options to choose from.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

The energy efficiency and sustainability of shading devices is also a consideration to ensure that they meet the building’s energy and sustainability goals. Shading devices using an automation solution is an efficient option. Blinds automatically position to block the sun’s rays and reduce energy consumption.

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