ZIP Screens

Energy-efficient sun control and privacy solution, enhancing comfort and aesthetics.

Vasatec ZIP Screens are a side guided system fitted with a durable screen fabric, resistant to weather conditions such as strong wind, hail or rain. The high performance fabric properties offer optical comfort inside, absorbing direct sunlight before reaching glazed areas.

The systems also offer a dynamic visual element to a building with the addition of coordinating fabrics.

Key Features and Benefits

• Wind and weather protected
• Quality hard­ware components
• Various guide rail options
• Large se­lec­tion of fabrics and col­ours
• In-house manufacturing and customisation
• Large range of motor options: standard control, smart automation and connection to Building Management Systems
• Plug-and-play connections
• Complete supply, installation and commissioning by Vasatec

  Switch, hand-held remote, automated control technology.
•  Position of the sun, incidence of light, time of day, month, temperature.
•  BMS integration, KNX, BACNET, SMI, Modbus, LON, etc.

  Simple pluggable motor connections, also as prefabrication.
•  Reduced wiring thanks to BUSbar options.
•  Quick and safe installation.

•  Automated solar shading can significantly improve a building’s energy efficiency.
•  Solar shading helps to reduce the use of air-conditioning in summer and in winter with heating.
•  High-quality smart sun protection systems with technical textiles help to reduce energy requirements substantially.

•  Excessive glare from sunlight can be a hindrance in a commercial building, causing discomfort and reducing productivity.
•  Our ZIP Screen blinds effectively minimise glare while still allowing diffused natural light to enter an interior. This feature creates an optimal visual balance, ensuring a pleasant and productive environment.

•  Our ZIP Screen systems are fitted with high-quality fabrics, specially designed for outdoor applications.
•  We are happy to advise on the selection of fabrics and together select the right fabric for your application.
•  We offer cradle-to-cradle textiles with sustainability certificates, and we are happy to explain the benefits.
•  Fabrics can be supplied with different light transmittance and to match interiors or surrounding buildings (e.g. reflection, shading).

ZIP Screen Cassettes

Our different cassette shapes and side channels accommodate various installation requirements, architectural preferences, and functional needs. They serve as a protective casing for the screen mechanism and can be customised to seamlessly blend with the building’s design while ensuring optimal functionality.

Angular 45 degrees
Vasatec ZIP Screen Information Card

Information Card

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